With RITEC's range of vibratory circular sifters you will be able to sort your powders and aggregates with optimal efficiency.>

Our range is adapted to your production needs, with sizes ranging from 400 to 1800 mm in diameter with a small footprint from 0.125 to 1.85 m2. For larger requirements, RITEC offers an exclusive TN 1800 double flow sifter.


The TN range of vibrating sifters are manufactured according to your production requirements: in steel, 304L stainless steel, particularly for foodstuffs, or 316L stainless steel for the most corrosive products.


Classify above all!

Do you need to separate your inputs into numerous fractions? Our sifters are scalable and can be adapted to your requirements as you go along.

The TN range of vibratory sifters can go up to 5 decks to provide you with 5 different sifters and thus achieve up to 6 fractions continuously.


The sifter samba...

Because not all materials have the same features, they do not all react in the same way to vibrations.

To optimise your throughput, the TN range of sifters are nutating and therefore vibrate in 3 dimensions.

You can control the movement of the vibration and achieve a wide range of vibration in the simplest way possible: the vibratory movements are changed by moving counterweights positioned on an unbalanced motor.

Moving the counterweights has never been easier: you don't need tools or to dismantle your machine. Quick access for maximum efficiency.

With a surface comparable to that of vertical vibrating sifters (control sifters, rectangular sifters, etc.), the vibrating sifters in our TN range are 10 to 30% more efficient, depending on the material being separated.


In order to further improve your material throughput, we offer optional unclogging systems that will "unclog" the sieve as it is used.

We offer three main cleaning techniques that have proven their effectiveness and robustness:

Kleener cleaning: the lower part of the screen is cleaned by a system of polypropylene cones placed on a perforated stainless steel plate. The cones, which rotate with vibrations of the machine, keep the screen clean by constantly scraping the screen. This system is particularly suitable for screening fibrous or spherical materials that can clog the mesh during the screening process. Kleener cleaning also improves separation in liquid media.

Ball cleaning: a system for cleaning the lower part of the screen cloth consisting of elastomer balls that bounce off a perforated stainless steel plate. This system is especially recommended in the event of the presence of fine products that can stick to the fabric threads.

Brush cleaning: a system where the brushes are located on the fabric. It is effective in certain very specific cases, such as when particularly sticky products or products that tend to clump together are used. This system is placed directly on the sieve and the rotation of the brushes is carried out thanks to the three-dimensional movements of the sifter.

Finally, we also offer an ultrasonic cleaning system. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.