For the most advanced micronization needs: the micronizers of the BIMUF range are of the selector mill type. Impact grinding is carried out between the beater and the integrated selection turbine to obtain powders free of escaped coarse particles.

The cutting chamber is machined from stainless steel, making them particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

Equipped with a frequency inverter, the cutting speed can be adjusted to best suit the production to be processed.

Technical data :

  • Capacity: from 30 to 1000 Kgs / h depending on the material
  • Inlet particle size: less than 10 mm
  • Output particle size : from 50 to 180 µ
  • All stainless steel grinding chamber
  • Grinder motor: from 4 to 75 kW nominal, from 2400 to 4200 rpm
  • Complete system with cyclone, rotary valve and filter box


Advantages :

  • Stainless steel design to meet sanitary requirements
  • Variable cutting speed control
  • Integrated dust extraction system
  • Compact unit with small footprint