In order to ensure regular feeding of your machines, whether they are shredders or screeners, particularly in order to achieve optimum throughput and efficiency, we offer a range of vibrating feeders.

Our RDV range includes 3 models allowing you to feed your machines with your bulk products according to the flow rate you require. A specific design is always possible, so do not hesitate to consult us.

Our RDV feeders are equipped with a vibrating motor that drives the flow chute along a line of force at an angle of 15° to its axis. The RDV feeders allow the product to flow at the desired rate using the control box's variator.

Thanks to their sealed chute, even powdery products are accurately conveyed and no dust atmosphere disturbs your process.



Models 15-250 40-310 40-780
Dimensions (mm) 710 x 155 1000x400 1000x400
Motor power (W) 250 310 780
Estimated flow rate l/h (at density 1) 650 1000 1200