Densimetric tables

Separate materials with similar grain sizes

Your inputs are of a similar grain size and therefore cannot be separated using a screening machine?

Your problem can be solved with a RITEC densimetric table.

Our densimetric tables allow the precise separation of the heavy and light fraction of dry bulk products.

This result is obtained by combining several methods:

  •     The vibration of an inclined grid
  •     The creation of an upward air flow that fluidizes light particles
  •     Fibre and dust extraction by a cyclone/filter

Principle of operation

It is the difference in density and given surface area of bulk materials that allows separation with very high efficiency. The mixture to be treated is fed onto the grid and fluidized, the heavy elements rise and the light elements are discharged through the lower part of the machine.

Industrial efficiency first and foremost

The table is completely closed.

Separation is optimized and air and energy consumption is reduced to a strict minimum.

The engines are equipped with an electronically controlled damper.


The capacity is easy to adapt, the system is quite modular and very flexible. All operating parameters can be adjusted when the system is in operation.

Maintenance is reduced to a minimum, the table is built in such a way that it can be operated 24 hours a day.


The densimetric table is suitable for a wide range of applications for separating a fraction, foreign bodies, impurities or other materials in the chemical, mineral or recycling industries.

Thus, our density tables are used in processing lines of:

  •     quartz, limestone, feldspar, mica,
  •     metal granules,
  •     granulated fertilizer,
  •     plastic materials....