Zigzag separator

If your need is to separate granulates, powders or leaf chips with close dimensional characteristics and densimetric differences of at least 30% between fines and coarse, the zigzag separator may be the right answer.

This gravity selection method allows a clean cut-off in the range of about 0.1 to 10mm at flow rates up to 10,000 kgs / h depending on the model.

The zigzag separator is particularly recommended for:

  •     the separation of bulk food products (oleaginous fruits,...) ;
  •     cleaning and classification in the food and herbal industries (to remove stones or dust, separate packaging residues from the product, separate the flower from its pistil...);
  •     recycling of precious metals by separating previously cut plastic insulation waste....


séparateur separateur zigzag
Installation of a zigzag separator in a herbalist company

Technical advantages :

  •     Precision of separation, even under overload
  •     Low and simple maintenance
  •     No wearing parts required
  •     Continuous work
  •     Low energy consumption
  •     High profitability