Screening is a process of separating aggregates according to their granulometry.

This technique has a double advantage:

  •     it is technically very simple, therefore reliable and robust;
  •     it is economical, the return on investment is fast.

The vibrations given to the screener accelerate the passage of the material through the screens. Two types of vibrations can be impelled to the machines:

  •     vertical vibrations only;
  •     vibrations combining vertical and horizontal oscillations giving the machine a gyroscopic movement around its axis.

Depending on your needs, we offer you in the first case central screening machines of the MC range and in the second case nutation screening machines of the TN range.

TN screening machines

TN screening machines allows to control the movement of the material:

you can control the vibration movement to obtain the most efficient oscillation possible according to your flow rate and final grain size requirements.

Our TN series screening machines are equipped with counterweights that are positioned above and below the motor to modify the movement given to the vibrating parts.

As an example, here are some oscillations that can be obtained by adjusting the counterweights.

The adjustment of the counterweights has been simplified to the optimal level and is carried out without dismantling the machine or even using tools.

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Central screening machines known as "compact screening machines"

Central screening machines have several advantages:

  •     small height space requirement
  •     direct flow design below
  •     high screening performance due to its side motors
  •     wide ranges available: in diam. 400, 600, 900, 1200 and 1500
  •     possibility of equipping the cleaning system (balls or kleeners)
  •     easy integration into existing installations

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