Whether in the mineral, chemical, food processing or recycling industries, the need to grind materials to obtain fine or very fine powders is widespread and varied.

Each industry seeks to reduce the size of its products in order to optimize its own production, packaging and delivery processes.

Because industries are varied, products to be crushed require also naturally a wide range of technologies.

At the same time, specific requirements for industrial applications  are increasingly stringent: precisely known average diameter, narrow grain size range, well calibrated extreme diameters, requirements on morphology and surface properties of the product.

RITEC accompanies you through this maze of techniques to determine the one that will best meet your needs:

  •     Vibrating mills of the BVL range ;
  •     knife crushers;
  •     impact crushers

Spare parts & second hand

RITEC is also a supplier of spare parts for its shredder ranges as well as for the shredders of the U20, U35, U50 and U65 ranges.

For other brands, do not hesitate to contact us.

We buy and sell second-hand shredders. For any information on the second-hand market, come and visit our dedicated website:

Grinding bodies

RITEC is a distributor of grinding bodies for all types of mills.

Depending on your input grain size, RITEC offers you different types of grinding bodies:

  •     Crushing bars, in special quality and with high resistance to wear and tear;
  •     Cylpebs made of special quality steel with high wear resistance;
  •     Grinding balls in different steel grades.