Grinding bodies

RITEC markets grinding bodies for all types of vibrating mills and ball mills.

Tips :

The hardness of materials is measured on two scales: the BRINELL scale (HB) and the ROCKWELL scale (HRC).

The Brinell scale measures the hardness of materials by compressing a ball, usually made of steel, onto the material to be tested.

The ROCKWELL scale measures the penetration of the material by a diamond cone (in the HRC notation).

Whatever the brand of your vibrating mill and your materials to be ground, we have the capacity to supply you with grinding bodies according to the offer detailed below:

Grinding balls

  •     Forged grinding balls with a hardness depending on your application (up to 65 HRC, 780 HB).
  •     Grinding balls with hardness of 60-65 HRC with high chromium content: 11-13 %, 17-19 %, 19-21 %, 24 % or 30 %.
  •     Chrome steel grinding balls from 1mm to 150mm
  •     Aluminium oxide grinding balls and balls for iron-free grinding

Crushing bars

Grinding bars suitable for all types of vibrating mills with hardness 29-37 HRC, 280-350 HB

dimensions: 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm and from 60 to 100mm


The cylpebs are used both in dry and wet grinding and can be used on all types of materials, whether very hard or soft.

Example of materials to be ground: metal carbides, quartz sands up to 100% SiO2, iron, copper, lead, lead, zinc, baryte, spath-fluor, cement, plaster, lime and even cocoa beans.

Cylpebs have a slightly conical shape with rounded edges.

We offer you cylpebs in the following templates:

  •     12 x 12 mm
  •     16 x 16 mm
  •     20 x 20 mm
  •     22 x 22 mm
  •     24 x 24 mm
  •     25 x 25 mm
  •     28 x 28 mm
  •     32 x 32 mm
  •     35 x 35 mm
  •     40 x 40 mm
  •     45 x 45 mm
  •     54 x 54 mm

For Chillard II cylinders, you gain even more hardness: its wear resistance is proportionally higher than other grinding bodies.

Thus in a range of 450-550 HB, 46-54 HRC, the wear resistance of these cylinders corresponds to a resistance of 600 HB, 58 HRC for other grinding bodies.