The aeromechanical disc conveyor consists of a tube in which a metal cable circulates on which are placed discs made of food plastic material. These discs circulate in the tube at a high speed to generate a suction flow, thus allowing the material to be conveyed with the air. The material is transported without friction forces. It is therefore protected from any degradation.


The system can be adapted according to the available space: the conveyor to transport from 3 to 25 metres in vertical, horizontal or mixed mode with a 15° inclination step.
While you have to move more than 10m away from the feed when you want to mount a product at a height of 6m with a slope of 30°, the aeromechanical conveyor allows you to be plumb or offset a few meters depending on your installation constraints.

Respect for the product

The product is fluidized in the air and transported gently, which is one of the great advantages of this type of conveyor. For any fragile material that easily degrades totally or partially due to friction or high temperatures, the aeromechanical conveyor solution is ideal.

An undeniable commercial success, the aeromechanical conveyor has found its place in the most diverse applications from the mineral or chemical industry to the food industry.
Advantages :

  •     Rational installation adapted to the configuration of the premises
  •     Reduced energy consumption: 2.2kW
  •     No product retention
  •     Quick and easy cleaning
  •     Preservation of conveyed products
  •     No wear, the product is not rubbed
  •     Unlike other conveying processes, the product does not mix and match
  •     No air production, filters are not necessary
  •     Operational and efficient with wet products
  •     Virtually no maintenance required
  •     Possible construction in ATEX version

according to your needs, RITEC offers you 2 models of conveyors:

  •     a 76mm model for a flow rate of 15 m³/H
  •     a 101mm model for a flow rate of 30 m³/h