Vibrating grinder

Need to grind small quantities?

To monitor production or for small rate needs, RITEC's vibrating grinder machines offer you the possibility to grind all types of materials with a grain size from 20µ to 25 mm at the inlet for a final grain size from 10µ to 3 mm.

The installation consists of:

  1.     a base unit, made of steel and equipped with an unbalance motor
  2.     a grinding tube

To adapt to your constraints, the grinding tube and all parts in contact with the material can be made of steel, 304L stainless steel or 316L stainless steel.

It can also be coated with alumina on the inside to increase its strength.

Equipped with an unbalance motor, it creates an amplitude that transmits an elliptical movement inside the grinding tube, which is mainly filled with grinding bodies to which your input will be added.

Our vibrating grinders thus offer optimal grinding efficiency with lower energy consumption.

The output grid calibrated according to your needs will allow you to obtain the desired grain size with excellent homogenization.

Applications are diverse and our products are used in grinding lines for: clay, basalt, bauxite, limestone, calcium carbonate, fly ash, chamotte, lime, corundum, sintered dolomite, feldspar, ferrite, slag, lignite, magnesia, aluminium oxide, siliceous sand, silicon metal, glass, zirconia, etc...

Grinding bodies :

RITEC is a distributor of grinding bodies for all types of mills.

Depending on your input grain size, RITEC offers you different types of grinding bodies.

For example, for grinding with a feed grain size of 5 to 25 mm, we can provide the BVL with grinding bars in a special quality and with high wear resistance.

For shredding with a feed grain size of less than 5mm, we will guide you to special quality steel cylinders with high wear resistance.